Updates and Announcements

Hello OC Families! 

Our favorite holiday of the year is right around the corner!!!  I have linked the most recent version of the show list below.  The dancers invited to each show are listed in the Dancer column.  Please read through the document (including the notes at the top) and let us know ASAP if your dancer cannot make any of the shows they are currently listed in.


Saint Patrick's Day 2018

[Posted 03/10/2018]

As you know from previous emails we are planning a studio renovations and the first step is happening on Saturday FEBRUARY 3RD at 8 AM! We are installing new electrical outlets and expanding/upgrading the existing floor.  Landon Murray (Sienna's dad) and Rodger Brennan (Rory's dad) have graciously agreed to give their time and expertise to help progress this dream of ours.  It would be greatly appreciated for any and all dads to come lend a hand to expedite the process. 

The process will generally include:

  1. Disassembling the current floor 
  2. Removing an existing workbench 
  3. Installing electrical outlets 
  4. Moving the floor slightly (to make room for the new boards) 
  5. Assemble the floor with additional boards and supports

** Dads if you have them please bring work gloves and a cordless drill and any other hand tools you currently own. 

We will be providing coffee, water and donuts (and potentially lunch if the projects goes longer) for all of the dads who come help!  Please RSVP through the link below. Older dancers (10 years old and up!) are welcome to come and help the champion dancers clean the Marley and make lunch for the dads. 



[POSTED 01/29/2018]



We are excited to announce we have started a weekly show and ceili (team dancing) class.  

  • When: Sundays, 11AM - 1PM
  • Where: Joell's Home

144 S Regal Avenue

Newbury Park, California


[POSTED 01/29/2018}

We apologize in advance, this should have been posted with the tights a month ago but I admit it slipped our minds.  Along with the black tights each dancer needs to have black dance briefs to go over the tights. Black spandex shorts will not be accepted. Here are links to adult and youth sizes on amazon that are all available for 2 day shipping with Prime. You may also purchase them elsewhere if you would like as long as they are a similar style! 




[POSTED 11/6/2017]


[POSTED 10/3/2017]

Here is the wig each team will be wearing at the Oireachtas.  If you do not already own this wig please purchase one from Emerald Keys (linked below).  If you purchase the wig at a feis from Emerald Keys, Tony Comerford will give you a discount if you mention that you are an O’Connor dancer.  If you do not know which team (or fruit) your dancer is on please see the 2017 Oireachtas Team Roster [can be found on the documents page under administration] 

Teams Cuties and Strawberries will be wearing the following wig

Clar Bun Wig

Link to Eimear Wig

Team Banana will be wearing the following wig

Kinsey Wig

Link to Kinsey Wig

Team Pineapple will be wearing the following wig:

TBD (will be decided among the dancers at the next class)

Team Peach will be wearing the following wig:

TBD (will be decided among the dancers at the next class)

Oireachtas Teams

[posted 9/16/2017] 

All dancers attending the Western Regional Oireachtas 2017 in Phoenix Arizona need to purchase black transition tights to wear with their school dresses.  Transition means there is a hole in the bottom of the foot (super convenient believe me!).  You can buy them on the Capezio website or find them on amazon. 

Younger Dancers [12 years and younger]

  • Quantity: One pair per dancer (although a back up pair is always a good idea in case there is a snag)
  • Brand: Capezio
  • Style: 1916C
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Refer to size guide

Click Here for Capezio Website

Older Dancers [13 and over]

  • Quantity: Two pairs (older dancers will be wearing two pairs to ensure that they look solid black)
  • Brand: Capezia
  • Style: 1916
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Refer to size guide

Click Here for Capezio Website


[Posted 9/16/2017]

After the first of the year we will be beginning adult ceili classes.  This is a great opportunity for parents to become more involves and to be able to help your children with technique!